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Three modules are offered, covering all aspects of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy from theory to practical skills.

Assessment and Treatment of Cardiorespiratory Patients – The Theory
In this module we will examine the theory underpinning the provision of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy care. Understanding how the body works and how this is altered in pathological conditions, is vital in understanding our role as cardiorespiratory physiotherapists.

  • Structure and Function of the Respiratory System
  • Structure and Function of the Cardiovascular System
  • Physiology of the Respiratory System
  • Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
  • Pathophysiology of the Respiratory System
  • Pathophysiology of the Cardiovascular System
Assessment and Treatment of Cardiorespiratory Patients - Translating Theory into Practice

This module starts to translate the theory we have learned into practice. You will learn what needs to be included in the assessment of a cardiorespiratory patient and how to analyse the assessment findings to create a problem list and treatment plan. We will learn vital skills such as interpretation of chest x-rays and arterial blood gases. Here you will also find out which physiotherapy interventions should be used for your patients, and how to apply them confidently and safely.

  • The Chart Review of the Cardiorespiratory Patient
  • The Cardiorespiratory Patient – Subjective Assessment
  • The Cardiorespiratory Patient – Objective Assessment
  • The Interpretation of Chest X-Rays and Arterial Blood Gases
  • The Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy Problem List
  • Clinically Reasoning the Cardiorespiratory Patient
  • Cardiorespiratory Interventions
  • Safety when treating the Cardiorespiratory Patient
Assessment and Treatment of Cardiorespiratory Patients - Practical Skills

The third module teaches the practical application of the skills you have learned in the first two modules. This module consists of presentations incorporating video demonstrations, teaching essential assessment and treatment skills.

  • Active Cycle of Breathing Technique
  • Assessment of Chest Expansion
  • Auscultation
  • Cough Assessment
  • Incentive Spirometry
  • Manual Blood Pressure
  • Manual Techniques
  • Patient Observations
  • Peak Expiratory Flow Rate
  • Positive Expiratory Pressure
  • Spirometry
  • Thoracic Expansion Exercises

Face-to-face tutoring

Face-to-face tutoring in Perth or via Skype can be arranged at a rate of $150 per two-hour tutoring session. For sessions in Perth, we can come to your home, or we can arrange for access to a simulated ward environment, perfect for learning vital practical skills.

The subject of each tutoring session can be personalised to individual requirements, and can be arranged for small groups at no extra cost.

Mock exams (Perth only)

Mock exams in a simulated ward environment are charged at $200, and are inclusive of an extensive feedback document based around the APC assessment criteria. Contact us to arrange.
**You have the option of providing your own model for the mock exam – we can arrange but at an additional charge.

Corporate Services

A variety of corporate services are offered. We offer corporate membership to the online content area of the website for a competitive annual rate, or can provide individualised in-house training sessions on the subject areas that you require.

We can also provide service evaluation of your cardiorespiratory physiotherapy services, and assist with service development and redesign. Please contact us for more information.

Day or weekend courses

Day or weekend packages for groups can also be arranged with sufficient notice. Rates are negotiable depending on individual requirements. Contact us for more information.

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